19th AMSE | Applications of Mathematics and Statistics in Economics | 31 August - 4 September 2016, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia


After the end of the presentation section on Friday, 2 Sept 2016, there will be an opportunity to make small sightseeing trips in Banská Štiavnica:
15.00 - Banská Štiavnica Sightseeing (in Slovak language),
17.00 - Baroque Calvary Sightseeing (in English language).

On Saturday, 3 Sept 2016, following trips will be organized for conference participants:
09.00 - Open-air mining museum,
11.00 - Trip to hill Sitno and Počúvadlo Lake (with a possibility of swimming after the trip).

Hiking shoes and outdoor jacket are recommended for all trips. Most of attractions in Banská Štiavnica offer discounts for ITIC or ISIC Card Owners.

Tips for individual sightseeing

Many other places of interest for lovers of historical and technical monuments and nature beauties are located in and around Banská Štiavnica.

Just in the city centre you can find the Old Castle (a special combination of architectural styles with several exposures), the New Castle (a forest dominating the city which was built against the Turks and nowadays hosts exposures devoted to the history of Turkish Expansion), Kammerhof (former residence of main chambre-county office with the exhibition of the history of mining), Berggericht (the former residence of the Mining Court, with a large mineralogical exposure), Botanic Garden and historical buidings of the Mining and Forestry Academy, a number of churches and other historic buildings.

On the closest hill to the centre, the Glanzenberg Hill, the Old Town with the ruins of ancient settlements, fortifications and astonishing view on the city can be discovered via educational trail. A unique system of artificial lakes connected with channels and tunnels in the surroundings of Banská Štiavnica, originally designed for powering the mining equipment, is now used for recreation. Near Banská Štiavnica, we can recommend for visiting the Romanesque St Egidio Church form the 13th century in the village of Ilija and originally furnished Baroque-Classicist Manor House with hunting exhibition in Svätý Anton (where St Hubert’s Days with many special events and attractions are held on 3-4 Sept 2016).

An on-line guide through the town and its surroundings with practical information in several languages is available at the site www.banskastiavnica.org.